Briefcases & Business Accessories

Whether you like it or not, a lot of people take style as substance in the business world. It’s important to make sure that you maintain an excellent outward style to help people understand just how good you are at your job. Business style is a gentler style than you are going to see on runways or in fashion shops. How you look and how you carry yourself is going to make a statement at your company and when meeting with other companies. Make sure you adhere to this list and get the business accessories that are going to make you stand out and look professional.

Must Haves:

When it’s time to get moving to work, you need to have these things if you want to compliment your business outfit. All of these items are stylish and professional. All of them serve a purpose so it’s not like you’re just purchasing them purely for style.

  • Black Leather Briefcases
    Here we have the ultimate standard of business accessories. A black leather briefcase is classic and stylish. It goes with almost anything and shows that you mean business. The black is a traditional choice but sometimes doesn’t compliment your look quite like you’d hope it will. That’s why it’s important to have options.
  • Brown Leather Briefcases
    While black is often the main choice for pure serious business, a nice brown leather briefcase is often a more fashionable option. You want to make sure that the leather is a high quality leather and will allow you to mix up your briefcase look to compliment your own look each day.
  • Briefcase Portfolios
    A Briefcase portfolio is perfect for meetings. They give you a place to keep your extra notes and accessories. Adding in an expensive classy pen lets you take notes in style without taking up a huge section of conference table. A must have for anyone who has a lot of meetings!
  • Laptop Cases
    If you are someone who needs to bring your laptop home with you every night, you may wish to go with a laptop case either in addition to, or instead of a briefcase. While not as stylish, a laptop case will generally provide you with more security and will also keep your laptop from being damaged during falls or bumps. 
  • Business Card Holders
    While you want your business attire and accessories to be stylish but not outrageous, your business card holder can be a pop in a drab outfit. Your business card holder should be gold or silver in colour and shiny. This gives you a classy moment of flash to break out.

Avoid At All Costs

You want to make sure you don’t look amateurish or foolish. These items or styles can ruin your business look before you even get going.

  • Backpacks
    Backpacks are utilitarian and versatile. However they are not fashionable and do not provide a lot of confidence when it comes to your business acumen. A backpack makes you look like you are still stuck in school and you’re not ready for the business world.
  • Bright Colors
    There’s times you want to stand out with sharp color as your lead fashion style. There’s times you should calm down and stick with traditional colors and looks. Business time is one of them. Don’t get your briefcase or accessories in primary colors. Stick with the Black, Brown, Grey and White that show professionalism.