Finding Good Business Travel Agencies

Business travel has changed significantly in the past two decades. As early as 2010, the global population of internet users was an estimated 2 billion. It’s expected to rise to more than 5 billion users by the year 2020.

The internet is changing both the nature of business travel and the role of the travel agent. More and more business is conducted online, via secure video conferencing and online tools to share documents. Similarly, the role of the travel agent is being called into question. Travel agents are becoming more and more redundant. With that said, travel agencies can still offer corporate customers a specialized travel experience.

It’s possible to find travel agencies that cater especially to the changing needs of corporate travelers. If you’re considering hiring a business travel agency for your next trip or corporate retreat, here’s how you can gain.

Save Money and Time   

Business travelers who have used travel agencies to meet their travel needs in the past know that travel agencies can help them to save both time and money. Indeed, a businessperson might not have time to spend hours planning and booking travel. A travel agent provides this service, and will even take care of disruptions along the way—for instance, a cancelled flight or a connecting flight that needs to be rescheduled. For many businesspeople, having a travel agent is the best way to ensure that their trip objectives are met.

Hassle-Free Individual Travel

Individual business travelers can access the assistance of a corporate travel agent for baggage assistance, car rental assistance, and any special requests. When travel plans are complex, unsafe, or problematic, the travel agent steps in to provide assistance. Travel agents have the experience and skills required to handle any issues that may arise, while this will be left on the individual’s shoulders in cases where a travel agency isn’t involved. For many businesspeople, it’s too much responsibility

Corporate Retreats

Travel agents and travel agencies can also step in to help organizations to plan successful corporate retreats and conferences. Planning a corporate retreat is no small task. While there are seminars and meetings to consider, most corporate retreats also include fun activities such as biking, horseback riding, museum visits, walking tours, fine or casual dining, surfing, hiking, wine tastings, golf, etc. The best travel agencies know that a corporate retreat is an opportunity to foster connections between team members.

In addition, a corporate travel agency can handle accommodations, transportation, and activities for a large group—a task that most people outside of the travel industry might be ill-equipped to do. Given the amount of planning required, most companies can stand to save themselves hassles, headaches, and money by hiring a travel agency.  

Customize Your Trip

A travel agency can also help you to make your ideal corporate trip or retreat a reality. Managers and executives can share their vision for the trip as well as their objectives, company mission, and values. But they don’t have to spend the time trying to make that vision a reality. When left up to a travel agency, corporate travel can be a truly effortless experience.