Top 10 Places to Find Online Job Postings

Finding job postings online that align with your qualifications is a chore, so finding an online job search site that can provide jobs in your field is important. Conversely, free job postings on broader job search sites can yield results from larger companies, making a variety of job search resources equally important. What follows is a list of ten job search sites that feature both a large number of potential positions and a wide variety of potential employers to maximize your chances of finding the job that’s right for you.


One of the largest online job search websites on the internet is The site allows you to search for jobs by industry, location, job title and more. It also highlights large companies hiring in your area when you search by location, contains salary information and hosts a jobseekers’ forum.

2. stands out due to its directory of companies currently hiring; companies listed there include JPMorgan Chase and Intel. It also allows you to look for positions within a particular company. also includes volunteer, non-profit and even dog-friendly search parameters so you can zero in on your dream job.

3. pulls the best online job postings from several websites, including company websites, making it a powerful resource if you don’t know where you want to start looking. They also have a mobile site and a mobile app giving you a resource that is both immensely powerful and remarkably flexible.

4. is the federal government’s official job board and has a surprising variety. If you are looking for a position with a government agency or the military, this website is for you. Try looking for jobs when the government’s yearly budget finalizes; this is when the most positions are available.

5. not only offers an extensive variety of free online job postings, they also host an equally large collection of career resources to help you land a job. They also feature jobs from Canada, France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands on separate sites, at the bottom of each page.


Alongside its plethora of job listings from the Unites States and around the world, also has a Job Recommendation Engine for registered members. It remembers your job searches, scans resumes you’ve uploaded and stores details from the job ads you’ve responded to, then provides recommendations for future job opportunities.


Are you looking for a job in technology? has you covered, from software development to security testing. Much like, has ties with several large companies to help you land your dream job. If you have a technological background, this may be the best job site for you.


It is definitely unorthodox, but following Twitter accounts with target companies could make for a unique job opportunity. Finding people influential in your field and following them would be a reasonable place to start as well. Searching hashtags like “#jobopenings” or “#joblistings” could give you some potential leads as well.

9.’s mission is to help veterans and their families build a career by putting their military skills and training to work. The site includes a spectacular array of job opportunities, from sprinkler fitters to software development engineers. They also host career fairs across the country and provide job search advice.


Like, draws results from the best job sites online to grant an overall picture of a given position’s demand. They boast millions of possible openings, including positions in government, science and more. If you want a complementary site to to search, could be a good fit.

If you specialize in a particular field, a niche job site like may give you more specialized results. Do not be afraid to think outside of the box to land your dream job as well. Contact industry leaders via Twitter or consider a career outside of the country. A skill set that is not extraordinary here may be invaluable somewhere else. Finally, do not be intimidated by any government position. They may have more scrutiny, but the payoff is worth it.