Where to Find the Hottest Hotel Deals

This is a golden age for finding cheap hotels. The internet has a lot of websites that are dedicated to helping you find the best hotels at the best prices. Good on the internet! Sure we’re barraged with commercials and advertisements for the competing websites, but it’s still a big improvement on having to use a travel agent or make dozens of calls like people had to in the past.

Family Hotels

Family hotels are the bedrock that the hotel industry is based on. Getting a good deal on a family hotel usually requires taking advantage of websites and price alerts. It’s hard to make last minute plans when you have children or extended family. Get togethers need to be planned ahead of time to allow everyone time to make sure they can accommodate things.

Family hotel rates can vary based on season and availability. That’s part of what makes alerts so great. You can set the price that you’re willing to pay and if it gets there, you can book at that point! You can also set alerts for several different hotels you’re willing to stay at. The first one that drops to the rate you want gets the booking!

Group Rates

Group rates are a great way to get a great deal on hotels. Almost everything can be purchased cheaper in bulk and hotel rooms are no different. Group get togethers in foreign cities can be really exciting. Whether it’s a family reunion or a group trip, you’re going to have a lot of fun wherever you go. You’re also going to save money doing it.

When arranging for a group rate, you can usually reserve a large block of rooms that are near each other. This lets the group socialize in the hotel as well as when they are socializing outside of it.

Spa Hotels

When you choose to get a deal at a spa hotel, you may end up paying the same amount as the regular base price. Spa hotels don’t tend to discount their rooms as much. However they don’t need to! What they are usually willing to discount is their services.

Spa hotels will offer deals because there are a lot of services that they offer. If you’re going to a spa hotel, you’re clearly planning on taking advantage of the services. Spa hotels specializing in packaging services with the rooms to give you a huge discount over using the services a la carte. Additionally if you are really feeling in the mood for packaging you can also get flights mixed in with your package as well. Bringing everything in together can get you a pretty great deal on what would otherwise be a very expensive evening.

Luxury Hotels

You may think that getting a deal on a luxury hotel isn’t going to happen. That’s just not the truth! Luxury hotels are just like any other hotel. If there are empty rooms, they are going to want to try to fill them. Just like any other hotel, they will reduce the rates on their rooms as it looks like they are going to have vacancies.

The best way to get a luxury hotel deal is usually to pick it up last minute. If you aren’t concerned which luxury hotel you are going to get, you can usually pick one up at a really good price.