10 Things You Can Do On Craigslist

Craigslist allows you to search through posts for services and goods in your local area. You can look for and buy services from others or make your own posts to sell your goods or hire help. Here are some of the most useful ways to get the most out of the popular site.

Find a Job

One of the most common uses for Craigslist is employment postings and searches. Employers get the benefit of expanding knowledge of their openings while those looking for work have the opportunity to easily apply. One of the unique benefits of finding a job on the site is that you often get a map view that gives you the precise location of the job before applying.

Find a Home

Buying real estate on Craigslist is helpful whether you are in search of a house, apartment or even just a room to rent. Homes can be found through the map for precise locations, and you can sort them by price. You can find many people selling real estate on Craigslist, so don't hesitate to make your own post if selling your home while looking.

Buy or Sell a Car

Finding a reliable car for a bargain is hard enough to do in person, but it becomes much more difficult to do online. On Craigslist, you can find cars from dealers and individual sellers. In addition to the lower prices, you will also find vehicles with few conditions as the seller simply needs to upgrade his or her car for a newer model.

Find a Pet

From hamsters to snakes, you can find nearly any type of domestic pet on the site. Many posters will also upload pictures of the animals so you can see them before making the trip. Even better, you can often find posts for free kittens or puppies from a recent birth.

Enhance Your Love Life

Though this may be more for the bold types, there are tons of personal ads on Craigslist. They are made for all types of people with all preferences in mind. The posts usually include detailed personal information about the user's lifestyle along with their contact information. Like other posts, many people will also include their pictures in their ads.

Buy or Sell Furniture

If you need to furnish the apartment you've found, you will find a number of posts on the same site for various types of furniture. Like pets, some people will also give away items for free if they don't have the space, desire or need for it. You can also sell your own belongings if you need to upgrade.

Buy Electronics

Buying your electronics new is not necessary. You can usually find many items in working condition that will suit your needs and your wallet. In addition to entertainment items such as televisions or speakers, you can also find a variety of appliances for your kitchen or even power tools.

Baby Supplies

Shopping for a new baby is one of the most expensive times in your life, and most of the items you purchase should be new. If you need to save money you can wait for sales, but you can also go a step further by purchasing them gently used. As babies outgrow items, parents want to rid their homes of clutter, and you'll find everything from strollers to unworn clothes.


Do you need something to do over the weekend? Have you wanted to learn a skill? You can find endless posts in the “Events” section to catch up on important happenings in your area. Common events include training classes, sports, music lessons, fitness and business opportunities.


If you're not looking for an event, you may be hosting one. If you need staff members to fill your function, you can hire them through Craigslist by posting in the “Gigs” section. This area has posts for temporary or one-time events for hire.

Craigslist can be used for an array of everyday tasks and needs. It offers a convenient way for people to quickly connect for the goods and services they need and want to provide.