3 Best Places to Find Grocery Coupons

No one wants to spend more than they have to when shopping for groceries. One way to keep costs down is by using coupons to purchase reduced price or free goods. Most grocery stores accept both store coupons and manufacturer's coupons to help you get the maximum value for your money. So, where are the best places to find grocery coupons?

The Internet Is Teeming With Coupon Sites

If you are looking for printable coupons, the Internet offers a variety of coupon sites that offer discounts or free products from brands that you know and love. For instance, you could go online to find Huggies coupons if you needed diapers for your child or overstock coupons if you were looking for a great deal on overstock and outlet goods. The best part is that you can access these sites on your phone, so you can clip coupons while you are shopping at the store.

In addition to sites that offer coupons, some sites will give you a rebate just for shopping your favorite retailers. The rebate site will put a cookie on your browser, track your purchases and then give you a discount based on the commission that it gets from the retailer. While not technically a coupon, you still get a discount for shopping.

Your Sunday Paper Contains a Plethora of Coupons

Whether you get a print version or a digital version of your local paper, you should find a wealth of coupons. If you don't get the paper yourself, you can ask a friend or relative to give you the coupons that they find in their paper. You can find everything from free yogurt after you buy three cups to $5 off a $20 order at your favorite retailer. Those who like to buy clothes may find that Express coupons come in handy during their next shopping trip.

Join a Retailer Email List or Other Retailer Customer Group

Many retailers will email you special coupons for being a part of their email list or for signing up for a discount card. You may also be made privy to special deals if you are a frequent shopper at a certain retailer. During the holiday season, you may be sent coupons good for 10 percent off a purchase or for a discount once your order reaches a certain amount.

Signing up for an email list or discount card is generally free and only takes a few minutes. The retailer benefits because it now has your name and other contact information that it can use to track customer trends. This makes the retailer better at offering goods and services that people want to buy while also enhancing communication with its best customers.

Grocery coupons can help you save money on the goods that you buy each day or each week for yourself and your family. The savings that you realize may make it easier to save for an emergency or just make it easier to buy the food that you need in a time when prices seem to be increasing on a regular basis.