Bus Travel in the United States

The United States is a large country. Buses have been a staple of travel throughout the thousands of wonderful tourist locations in the United States. Buses can often get a bad rap. There’s a stereotype that they smell and contain people you’d rather not associate with. The truth is that they are a convenient environmentally friendly way to see that incredible nation.

Greyhound is the titan of the industry when it comes to bus travel in the United States. Greyhound buses are the most common and they have been buying up bus companies throughout the United States and Canada. Beyond that there are many bus lines that are regional. Since Greyhound is so well known and is the best bet for long range travel, we’ll go through some of the other companies.

Other Bus Companies

  • Megabus: Megabus offers low rate fares, often 1 dollars for a single trip. However there’s a catch with super low fares. There’s often only one super low fare on each bus. It needs to be booked incredibly early in order to get the fare.
  • Tripper Bus: Tripper bus is a regional bus line that runs mostly between New York and Washington D.C. It specializes in one way trips. Each trip has one tickets for $1, one tickets for $5, and one ticket for $10. Sometimes you will get the cheap tickets, bringing down your consistent overall cost.
  • Redcoach: Redcoach is a new bus company and serves the American south east in Georgia and Florida. The seats in these coaches are business class, so there’s less people and a lot more comfort.
  • Jefferson Lines: Jefferson Lines works in the heart of america. It ranges from North Dakota to Texas and from Wisconsin to Wyoming. Jefferson Lines provides all the frills you want in a bus line including Wi-Fi, power, air conditioning and reclining seats.
  • Vamoose: Vamoose is also a bus line running between New York and Washington D.C. Vamoose actually has a special rate for Senators who commute or travel between the two. It’s a special luxury bus called the “Gold Bus”.

What are the best trips to take by bus travel USA?

Route 66 - Route 66 is the classic American Road Trip and goes all the way from Chicago To Los Angeles. There are an immense amount of things along the route like the Will Rogers Memorial and Cadillac Ranch. Additionally it’s a short trip from Route 66 to the Grand Canyon which is one of the greatest destinations in the entire world.

The Pacific Northwest - Oregon and Washington are incredibly beautiful areas. Depending on the time of year it provides so many different tourist opportunities. The winter in the northwest is warm (relatively) and means that there are fun options year round. 

Travelling the California Coast - There are so many cities and destinations along the California coastline. San Francisco and the bay area offer incredibly entertainment options. On the trip down to Los Angeles there are numerous cities to stop and enjoy a meal at a small bistro with each stop. Adding in the magnificent scenery along the way and this is an amazing bus travel location.