Coloring Pages: Not Just for Kids Anymore

Coloring is a new leisure activity that adults around the world are partaking in. Many people may believe that coloring is just for kids to learn how to be creative and work on their fine motor skills, but they are wrong. Coloring is also something that can benefit people of any age because it can relieve stress and encourage creativity.  

Benefits of Coloring

There are many benefits of coloring in addition to be a fun leisure activity. Some of the main benefits of coloring include:

  • Reduce stress - Life is stressful. It doesn’t matter if it is work stress, relationship stress, or financial stress… the stress piles up. Coloring is a healthy way to relieve all of that stress without leaving the house. Reducing your stress level by coloring is also an affordable choice because all you need are crayons, colored pencils, paper and your imagination.
  • Time to disconnect - These days the majority of your time may be spent in front of a computer, TV or cellphone screen. Coloring allows you to put all of your devices away and enjoy the quiet. Coloring also allows you to focus on the task at hand while being creative.
  • Rediscover your creative side - If you have not colored since you were a child you may have forgotten the creativity that the rainbow of colored pencils allows you to have. Coloring pages for adults are often very intricate with lots of patterns, designs and shapes to color in. With the wide variety of colors and coloring pages available you can quickly find one that lets your creative side run wild.

  • Coloring with purpose - You can now color with a purpose in mind. Coloring pages are now available in card sizes that you can color in. This means that the next time a friend or family member has a birthday or anniversary card you can custom color it. This allows you to enjoy the time that you spent coloring, save money and give a custom card.  
  • Sense of achievement - Coloring is not only a fun activity but it also allows you to have beautiful customized artwork when you are finished. Coloring pages are available in many different themes including animals, portraits, landscapes, beloved prints, and designs. This means that you can challenge yourself with different types of coloring pictures. Once you are done you can sit back and admire your handiwork. 
  • Bonding activity - Coloring pages are a great way to connect with others including friends and family. It is a fun activity to do on your own, but it is also a great activity to do with others. Next time your child is coloring pull up a chair beside them and color. It can help to create a positive atmosphere for sharing and bonding.

Coloring pages are beneficial for many different reasons. You can enjoy the process and your artwork afterwards. It is also very affordable with many websites offering free individual coloring pages to try. You can find coloring books for adults online, in craft stores, book stores and more.