Dinner Recipes Kids Will Love

Finding dinner ideas is a challenge for even the most organized families especially those with kids, who tend to be pickier eaters, at the table. Finding recipes that are both budget-friendly and tasty can help you make a meal even the pickiest eaters can appreciate.

Healthy Meatloaf

Before making meatloaf, set aside leftover bread to make breadcrumbs for just a few cents. You should use day-old bread whenever possible. Just toast the bread lightly right before you need it, and grind the bread into crumbs in the blender or food processor. Keep the meatloaf light by using extra lean ground beef or lean ground turkey, and boost the nutritional content by adding finely diced onion, carrot, zucchini or other finely chopped vegetables to the recipe. To make a meatloaf recipe appealing to kids, cook individual portions in a muffin tin.

Fun Shrimp Recipes

Shrimp recipes are among the most versatile, as the protein-packed shellfish can be paired with pasta, served with sauce or battered in coconut and fried. Shrimp is an excellent meal option if you want to increase the protein in your meal without adding a lot of fat.

To make an easy shrimp dish that your kid will love, soak cleaned, prepared shrimp in a combination of teriyaki sauce, sugar, garlic and pineapple juice. If you want to reduce sugar, just use pineapple juice. Allow the shrimp to marinate for a few minutes before placing it on skewers with pieces of pineapple. Grill or fry the shrimp until it is cooked through, and serve with Asian-inspired sides like edamame for a fun, eat-with-your-hands dinner that the whole family can enjoy.

Fun Pork Chop Skewers

Most pork chop recipes focus on frying or baking the chop whole, but with children in the family, smaller piece of food are ideal for meal times. To make a super-simple pork chop skewer, cut the pork chop into cubes, and roll the cubes in a seasoning mix of rosemary, garlic, salt, paprika and black pepper.

Place the cubes on a skewer, and grill the skewers until the pork is cooked through. Serve the skewers with dipping sauce to make the dish even more appealing to the children in the family. You can also alternate the cubes with chunks of pineapple to add a burst of flavor to the dish.

Flavorful Fish

To persuade picky eaters to try salmon recipes, try marinating salmon filets in teriyaki sauce. After the fish marinates, place it skin-side down in a baking dish, and sprinkle a little brown sugar over each filet. Bake the fish until it is cooked through. Before serving, spread the sauce from the bottom of the pan on each filet. The slightly sweet, flavorful salmon is a dish that both kids and parents can enjoy.

Lasagna for the Family

Lasagna recipes are usually a family favorite, but can be a little time-consuming to make on a weekday. For an easy weekday lasagna, cook diced onion and minced garlic in a little olive oil until the onion is translucent, and add lean ground beef or ground turkey. Brown the meat, and add your favorite jarred marinara sauce and some water to the pan, along with lasagna noodles that are broken into fourths.

Cook the mixture until the noodles are al dente, and top with mozzarella and dollops of ricotta. Cover the pan with a lid until the cheese is melted. You can change the recipe to include extra vegetables to boost the nutritional content, or you can make a vegetarian lasagna by adding spinach and other vegetables in place of ground beef or turkey.