Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Honda

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Honda as either your main family vehicle or your work vehicle, you’ve come to the right place. Honda is an excellent selection because of its intricate craftsmanship, sturdiness and reliability. The following information is for your review. You can read it and then decide whether a Honda is the right vehicle for you.

The History of Honda

Honda is a Japanese company that entered the automotive world in 1948. The founders were named Takeo Fujisawa and Soichiro Honda.

The Honda Civic was one of the first vehicles that the company released to the world. It was an extremely small and fuel-efficient vehicle that one would most likely call a compact or economy vehicle today. Vehicles such as the Accord and the Honda CRX came on the scene a few years later, and many consumers appreciated them and desired to purchase them.

Honda continues to create reliable, affordable and fuel-efficient vehicles that are used by both families and businesses.

Popular Honda Cars

Honda has quite a few gems that it offers to the nation of buyers. One Honda car that a wide variety of people appreciate is the classic Honda Civic. The Honda Civic is still one of the most popular offerings that Honda provides. Several versions of the Civic exist. The model comes in a standard coupe version, a Hybrid Sedan, an HF Sedan, a natural gas model and an SI Coupe or Sedan. The Civic Coupe is a small wonder with a five-person seating capacity and a fuel efficiency of up to 30 miles in the city or 39 miles on the highway.

The Accord Coupe is slightly larger than the Civic is, but it has slightly lower fuel efficiency. Drivers can get up to 26 miles per gallon in the city and 35 miles per gallon on the highway. Riders can still enjoy getting up to 278 horsepower and using technology such as Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth and Android Auto. The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems provide the playback of your favorite music videos on a 7-inch screen. The screen is helpful during navigation from one place to the next, as well.

The CR-V is the consumer’s favorite option for sport utility vehicles. The CR-V is a colorful, contoured creation that has a surprising amount of room in it, amazing performance and top-notch fuel efficiency for a vehicle in its class. Many SUV models do not have good fuel efficiency, but he CR-V provides the rider with up to 26 miles per gallon in the city and 35 miles per gallon on the highway. The cargo space is more than 70 cubic feet, and the vehicle can fit up to five people in it. The CR-V is an excellent choice for people who like sport utility vehicles.

If these don’t strike your fancy, Honda has plenty of additional selections from which interested buyers can choose.

Price Range for Honda Vehicles

The prices for Honda vehicles vary depending on what the consumer wants to buy and which dealership that person goes to. Some of the Civic models start off at a little more than $18,000. The more expensive vehicles top off at around $25,000.

How to Find the Right Honda

Finding the right Honda starts with knowing your family’s needs or your personal needs. The Civic is a good model for college students or people who have to travel a long distance to work or back and forth to a vacation. The CR-V is good for large families, and the Accord is great for people who would like a bit of extra space and a large amount of technology.

Schedule a Test Drive Today

If you’re interested, you can schedule a test drive of any Honda with a dealership in your area. The test drive is just a phone call away. A salesperson will kindly take a ride with you so you can decide if the Honda you want is the right one for you.