Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Jeep

If you need an SUV for any use, you can find a great match from the 2016 Jeep line-up, provided you don't need three rows of seats. You'll find many cabin sizes and styles. Interiors are on a spectrum that ranges from budget-smart to extremely luxurious. Jeeps can offer terrific off-road capability, but most will require you to pay more for four-wheel drive and trail equipment.


The 2016 Grand Cherokee offers more luxury at a lower price. Edmunds has called this Jeep one of the best equipped SUVs for the money. The Grand Cherokee offers leather seating choices and real wood trim. Amenities include front and rear heated seats, ventilated front seats, a power-adjustable steering wheel, and illuminated door sills. You can make this SUV as luxurious as your budget will allow.

Urban Sensibilities

Smaller than the Grand, the Jeep Cherokee has climbed the ladder to become one of the top sellers in the family. Shoppers will notice that just-right blend of comfort, advanced technology, and spaciousness. The new kid in the family, the Jeep Renegade was just introduced last year. Sized for urban spaces, it still offers the headroom and legroom you'd expect from an SUV. Both of these can grow in sophistication, adding leather upholstery and luxury comforts. It's just advisable to watch the bottom line, or these can become too costly.


The 2016 Jeep Patriot is the most affordable SUV out there. It is closely followed by the 2016 Jeep Compass. These two budget-priced utilities offer Jeep durability and capability, but the cabins aren't as nice as the Cherokee’s. The Renegade is the newest affordable Jeep, although the pricetag does break the $20,000 mark. The Cherokee is considered affordable for its class, and the Grand Cherokee offers luxury at near-luxury prices. In fact, as auto critic Edmunds has noted, the SRT performance edition saves many thousands over luxury performance SUVs.

Fuel Efficiency

Jeeps can be fuel efficient, depending on which one you choose and which powertrain you pick to go with it. The Cherokee, Patriot, Compass and Renegade are among the stand-outs that get 30 mpg highway or greater. The Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel also can earn 30 mpg highway. This best-in-class fuel economy helps this large SUV enjoy a potential driving range of 730 miles.

Family Choices

Few SUV makers offer as many vehicles for families. These include the Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, Patriot, Compass, and four-door Wrangler Unlimited. The more affordable ones, however, will seem very plain next to the non-luxury editions of the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee. Also, if you need a three-row SUV, you'll have to look elsewhere. There are none in the current line-up.


The Compass and Patriot offer a standard 152-horsepower engine, which does not promote confidence when dealing with competitive highway traffic or a steep incline. On the other hand, the Jeep Wrangler has a 240-horsepower engine with plenty of low-rev torque for difficult off-roading and efficient on-road driving. The Grand Cherokee has a standard 290-horsepower engine, making it a class standout. With 475 horsepower, the SRT Grand Cherokee is a driving enthusiast's dream.

Open Air

The Wrangler remains the most open-air vehicle available. The top comes off, the windshield folds down, and the doors may be removed. The Renegade offers the exclusive MySky roof with two large panels that can be removed. A panoramic sunroof is available on the Grand Cherokee.


The most advanced Jeeps offer automated brake assist, forward collision warning, a blind spot monitor, and more. Like many SUVs, most Jeeps have four-star rather than five-star federal safety ratings.


Last, but not least, the Jeep line-up excels on the trail. Every Jeep offers a choice of two four-wheel drivetrains. This gives you more freedom to choose the level of capability you want. In general, Jeeps have high ground clearance, fewer low-hanging exterior components, more skid plates, and better off-roading equipment. Even the most sophisticated Cherokee or Grand Cherokee has the potential for a trail run. The 2016 Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited remain the top off-roaders, offering unparalleled crawl capability.

From the sporty Renegade to the most luxurious Grand Cherokee, the Jeep brand offers many ways to enjoy life as an SUV owner.