Finding the Best Cat Food

Cats are known to be pretty fickle when it comes to food. While they will eventually eat any edible food, they will often put up a big fuss if it’s something they don’t like. If you want to avoid a constant barrage of meowing whenever breakfast comes in the morning.

Types of Cat Food

You may think all cat foods are the same. It’s just not true. There are three main categories of cat food that then break down into sub categories with various variations of the three main ones. We won’t go through a lot of the smaller ones, but here’s the main things your feline are going to need.

  • Dry Food: It’s the cheapest food option and lasts almost forever. Cats usually aren’t a huge fan of dry food, but it’s a good option for heavier cats. They will tend to only eat when it’s hunger related rather than them going after flavor. It can be pretty healthy for your cat too as long as you purchase a decent brand.
  • Wet Food: Wet food is definitely your fuzzy friends first choice. It’s tasty and really easy to eat. Perhaps it’s too tasty! Wet Food will often be over consumed by any cat. While they may enjoy it, they are on the fast track to becoming obese if they have too much. Wet food is often best when served up as a treat meal. It’s also the perfect option when a cat might have some dental problems. If dry food is too hard for them to eat, then they need to eat something softer and that’s where wet food comes into play.
  • Semi-moist Food: It looks like dry food, but eats more like wet food.  It certainly manages to make cats happy but also is easy to store. So what’s the downside to this hybrid food? The process of making it seems to remove all nutrition and add all kinds of preservatives and chemicals. It’s probably not the most useful choice, but it’ll do in a pinch.

Sub Groups of Cat Food

  • Kitten Food: Kitten food is specially formulated for young kittens. Because of their rapid growth, they need additional nutrients from their food. Kitten food gives them the extra boost they need to spend more time doing insane kitten things for your entertainment and their joy.
  • Prescription Food: There’s a lot of cats where it can be nearly impossible to get them their prescription medicine. Thankfully there are food made that can hide the taste and keep them healthy. Prescription food isn’t cheap, but neither is standard prescription medication. It’s actually
  • Organic Food: Organic cat food just makes sure that the ingredients used in its production is organic foodstuffs. Generally there’s not a lot of difference to the food aside from the organic ingredients.

There’s been a movement out there trying to feed cats through alternative protein needs. Many vegans and vegetarians feel that cat food can fit their own eating lifestyle. Cats are obligate carnivores though. They only get their nutrition from animal protein. That’s it. End of story. If your cat is eating a carrot or piece of fruit from your hand, that doesn’t mean they are actually getting nutrition from it. Buy your cat the food they need and deserve!