Jokes To Make Anyone Laugh

Comedy servers many purposes. Comedy entertains us when we’re not feeling well. Tellings jokes to people helps bonding and brings you together as a society. Pushing the boundaries of comedy brings attention to social issues and injustices. Comedy and comedians has helped evolve the social world we live in. Humour is one of the most subjective of things that people experience. What may be funny to others may not be funny to you. It can be light, it can be dark. Humour can be tasteful or it can push every boundary.

10 funniest jokes

There’s nothing less humorous than having to explain a joke. If these don’t work for you, just know these jokes are funny to others. The funniest jokes to most people in fact.

10 - A man goes to a chinese restaurant when a duck walks up to him. The duck says “Your eyes sparkle like the stars”. The man shouts at the waiter “Excuse me, I asked for an A-Romatic Duck for dinner”

9 - I went down to the corner store the other day. I bought four corners.

8 - A guy finds a hooker at a bar. She offers to do anything he wants for $300. But there’s a catch to the game. In order for her to do it, the man has to say it in three words. The man pulls out his money and indicates he’s willing. The hooker leans in close and the man whispers into her ear “Paint my house”.

7 - A woman enters an airplane and the stewardess tells the woman “Wow, that’s the ugliest baby I have ever seen”. In anger the woman goes to her seat and tells the passenger next to her that she was just insulted. The man beside her says “That’s an outrage, go confront them about this! I’ll hold your monkey for you”

6 - A snail rings a man’s doorbell. The man opens the door, picks up the snail and throws him away. Four years later the man hears the doorbell again, he opens the door to see the snail. The snail yells “What the hell was that about?”

5 - Where does the king keep his armies? In his sleevies!

4 - A man walks into a bar with a wheelbarrow full of asphalt. He tells the bartender “I’ll take one for me, and one for the road”.

3 - A daughter asks her mother where babies come from. The mother considers this, and then explains that when a married couple have sex that makes a baby. The daughter is still confused so the mother explains further, “The husband puts his penis in the wife’s vagina and it gets a baby”. The daughter is still confused, so she asks her mother “The other night I saw Daddy with his penis in your mouth, what did you get for that?” The mother quickly responds, “This new bracelet”

2 - There’s two fish in a tank, the first fish asks the other one, “How do you drive this?”

1 - Three women are trapped on a desert island and they find a magic lamp. They agree that each of the women should get one wish. The first woman wishes to be back at home with her family. The genie grants her wish and sends her home. The second woman asks the genie to send her home to her family as well. The genie granted that wish as well. The third woman didn’t want to rush it so she waited a few days. Finally she told the genie “I’m lonely, I wish to have my friends back”.