The Top Weather Networks

Do you like to go online for your weather reports? These days, all major national weather networks provide services online to keep the public informed about the weather. Many also have mobile applications and other services that can help you stay prepared rain or shine. The following are some of the top weather networks along with the online services they provide.

The Weather Network

The Weather Network (TWN) is a media company that delivers weather information both on television, online, and via its mobile and tablet applications. TWN’s web and mobile services include an opt-in email and text messaging alert system called WeatherDirect. If you sign up for this service you will receive weather alerts for your area via email or text. You can also sign up for email alerts regarding road conditions or pollen counts in your area.

In addition to a website with detailed weather information, TWN provides Severe Weather and Weather News updates via its social media platforms, specifically Twitter and Facebook. Other programs include WeatherEye, a widget application that PC and Mac users can download free of cost. This application provides up-to-the-minute local weather conditions and forecasts, as well as video forecasts and photos and videos submitted by users.


Founded in 1962, AccuWeather is a United States-based media company that provides weather forecasting services worldwide. AccuWeather caters to the needs of enterprises and organizations, providing weather- and forecast-related products and services to media, business, as well as many government clients.

AccuWeather is one of the world’s leading free online weather providers. Its website is supported by advertisements. According to statistics, it in around the 200th most visited website from people residing in the United States coming from of data gathered in November 2015. On the AccuWeather website, visitors will find local current weather information as well as forecasts, rainfall warnings, and user-generated photos and videos. They also provide regular updates via their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Another unique online feature is the “personalized forecast.” Users can select a forecast according to certain parameters, including health conditions such as migraines, allergies, or respiratory illnesses or recreational activities such as sailing, skiing, or golfing. In addition, AccuWeather provides information about regional driving conditions.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is an American cable and satellite channel that also provides forecasting and weather services online through its own website. Through the Weather Channel website, you can find everything from event planning to home and garden forecasts. According to some estimates, the Weather Channel is the most visited weather website internationally, with approximately 126 million visitors each and every month.

Other services provided by the Weather Channel include mobile phone applications and desktop widgets which allow users quick access to up-to-the-minute forecasts. The free mobile phone application gives users access to radar maps, seasonal updates, and tropical updates. The Weather Channel also offers customized weather feeds which can be embedded into websites. Customers may sign up to receive local forecasts and alerts via SMS. In addition, the Weather Channel provides weather forecasts for the Yahoo! Website. The Weather Channel is also active on social media.