The Trials of Owning a Cat

Many people looking for a furry friend are considering becoming cat owners. There’s a lot of benefits to owning a cat. People who own cats find themselves less stressed out than others. A cat is a great listener and never has a more dissenting opinion than “meow”. Cats are great pets because they offer a person contrasts. They love attention, but don’t need to be constantly amused. They like to cuddle, but aren’t too needy. Cats are clean creatures and perfect for apartment living.

It’s good to note that cats aren’t all fun and games though. While for most people the benefits outweigh the negatives, they aren’t for everyone. Some people have issues with their size and like larger pets. Some don’t like the concept of litter boxes. While cats aren’t for everyone, they can be brilliant pets for many people!

The Benefits of Owning a Cat:

  1. Stress relief - Stroking the pretty kitty has been proven to be relaxing and relieve stresses. Cats are solid pets for people who have stressful jobs and need to come home and relax. Petting animals produces endorphins and helps with the day to day grind of life.
  2. Comedy - Pets do funny things. There’s a reason that YouTube is now approximately 42% cat videos. When you need a smile, your cat doing something ridiculous or falling at the right moment is great.
  3. Cats aren’t constantly needy - Cats maintain a certain level of independence. While they do like to be social at times, they also are fine with being on their own. This is important for people who work long hours. You can do your work thing, and the cat can do their home thing and eventually you’ll collide for some feline socializing.
  4. Cats don’t have to be walked - Whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat, you don’t need to supervise them on walks. If you’ve ever seen someone who does try to take their cat for a walk, you know how weird it looks. It’s just unnatural.
  5. Natural camaraderie with other cat owners - When placed in an awkward situation, you can just ask who owns a cat. From that point on you can then just discuss your cat until the situation has ended.
  6. Cats are great for picking up - Everyone loves adorable cats. As long as your cat isn’t a slicer with their claws they are great for picking up attractive members of the opposite sex.

The Downside to Owning a Cat:

  1. Cat hair - Not all cats shed constantly. That being said, cats who do will leave hair everywhere. This will get onto your clothes, your bed and all places and cloth surfaces.
  2. Janitorial Service - Most cats require you to scoop their poop out of a box. When taken as a single statement like that, it does seem like an odd thing to do.
  3. Cats knock things off of ledges - For whatever reason cats are curious to watch things fall when they perch. It’s usually a good choice to be careful when placing things on mantles. Ideally they should be non-breakable items.
  4. Possessiveness - If you own a box, you no longer own a box. That box now belongs to the cat. The cat is going to spend time in that box when it is most inconvenient to you.