When to Use a Flower Delivery Service

Having flowers delivered as a surprise is always an incredibly gesture. Flowers can have many meanings, but none are negative. They are a moment of beauty during a tough time. They are an indication of the love you feel for people. They help you mark the great milestones of life.

Thankfully today there are many companies who can specialize in delivering flowers nationwide. Let those you care about know you care with a special surprise. Flower delivery is great for many occasions.


Anniversaries are important for couples to celebrate. Like many other gifts with anniversaries, there’s actually a traditional flower meant for each anniversary! If you don’t subscribe to the traditional anniversary gift hierarchy, sticking with the flower hierarchy is a nice way to show you’re traditional without being too stuffy. The first anniversary is carnations. After that there is a different flower every year until year 15 (Rose), every 5 years until year 30 (Lily), and every 10 years until the 50th anniversary (Yellow roses and violets).


Many people feel that their birthday is their favorite day of the year. It can be hard to be a cog in the world, so one day a year when you feel special and that it’s all about you is absolutely perfect. Birthday flowers can be long term gifts like beautiful orchids. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a family member, then you may wish to go with Lilies. They are considered to be full of positive emotions and bode well for any family member on their special day.

Get Well Soon

When someone is in the hospital due to injury or illness, it can be a dark time for them. They have a lot of time to simply lay there and think and sometimes thoughts can turn dark, especially if things are serious. This is one of the reasons get well soon flowers are so incredible. They can help spruce up the mood of anyone who’s struggling with illness or pain. Bright and happy flowers like daisies or colored gerbera daisies make for excellent choices if you are trying to help someone feel better. Looking at a bouquet of daisies will bring back good memories to almost anyone from a simpler easier time. It’s hard to look at them and not smile.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets allow you to congratulate people who deserve it. It can be someone who’s started a new job or is leaving an old one. They are wonderful gifts for someone who has just purchased a new house as a way to say congratulations. The flowers if your gift basket should enhance it to make it more beautiful while also complimenting the items inside. If the additional items are pink, you want to ensure you have some beautiful pink flowers to go along with it.


Roses are the traditional symbol for romantic love. While some people think it’s cliché, the smile on her face when she receives red roses is worth every penny. Your girlfriend or wife will always appreciate delivered roses. It doesn’t just need to be during any of the times listed here, but it can be any random Tuesday. The spontaneity and the expression of love towards them is what is truly important!