Important Medical Supplies Are Available Online

Millions of people depend on home medical supplies to manage their conditions and or diseases. This category of devices can be called home medical equipment and durable medical equipment or DME. In most cases, this type of equipment has to be prescribed by a physician in order for insurance to help with the costs. Some home medical supplies require a nurse or clinician to be present, but most are designed to where they do not. Most home medical equipment is necessary for a patient to be able to perform normal daily functions and manage their disease or condition in a healthy way. Utilizing online suppliers for home medical equipment makes it convenient and easy for an individual to obtain what they need without leaving their home or having to have a loved one to go pick it up. Some online suppliers even have their equipment delivered by a professional who can help answer any questions or show the patient how to use the devices correctly.

Common Conditions Requiring Specialized Medical Supplies

Patients who have an ostomy, or an abdominal opening that provides a channel for either bowels or urine to exit the body, usually require home medical equipment. There are three types of procedures done to create an ostomy. A colostomy is made so that the rectum can be bypassed to eliminate waste from the digestive tract. Conditions that require a colostomy include rectal cancer, colon cancer, or severe abdominal injuries. Another type of procedure that creates a stoma is a Urostomy, where the small intestine is used to make a pouch so that urine can bypass the bladder and exit the body. Patients who need a Urostomy may have bladder cancer or severe bladder damage. An Ileostomy is a procedure that provides a way for waste to exit the body through the digestive tract while bypassing the colon and the rectum. Typically patients who need an Ileostomy have bowel cancer, Crohn's disease, or ulcerative colitis.

Another condition that requires the use of at-home medical supplies is diabetes. Most diabetics are required to test their blood sugar levels many times a day with a glucose monitor. Additionally, a good amount of the diabetic population also requires injections to properly manage the disease. Some diabetics opt to use a glucose pump system to manage the disease instead of daily injections, which also requires extra equipment used at home. Diabetics also need to have an emergency supply kit that they take with them everywhere that contains all of their routine medical equipment and extra should an emergency occur.

Individuals who have respiratory conditions and diseases also require the use of at-home medical equipment. Individuals who have obstructive sleep apnea and severe asthma often need CPAP or BiPAP machines to use at home. These devices are usually used at night to help with proper breathing and require constant cleaning and maintenance to avoid contracting an infection. Patients who have chronic severe asthma, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, and COPD may require the use of a specialized mask to deliver specialized medications to their lungs in the form of vapor. For severe cases of pneumonia and respiratory infections that won't resolve, these types of masks may also be prescribed for at home care.

Popular Online Medical Suppliers

There are hundreds of reputable medical suppliers that sell home medical equipment online. Some of the most popular online suppliers include:

  • Vitality Medical - Vitality Medical has a wide range of different types of home medical care devices and supplies to the tune over 100,000 products. They have been selling home medical supplies for nearly two decades.
  • Medical Supply Depot - Medical Supply Depot is another popular online retailer of medical supplies, and they have 24/7 ordering and support to ensure that patients can get their supplies quickly delivered to their home.
  • McKesson - McKesson has been selling home medical care equipment for over a century and has numerous resources to help patients choose the proper equipment to meet their individual medical needs. McKesson also has other branches within the company that sells medical supplies to hospitals, doctors offices, and other medical facilities.

The number of options out there today for home medical equipment order and delivery can quickly become overwhelming. There are many suppliers that only sell medical equipment for certain types of conditions and needs. Depending on the length of time services will be needed, the type of equipment that will be needed, and the frequency of use, the prescribing physician can help point an individual in the right direction.

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