Need Help Finding the Best Women's Running Shoes For 2020?

There are several different things to look for in a good running shoe. Obviously the first is fit. A running shoe needs to gently hug a foot. It needs to provide support and protection from the ground. Running is punishing and the shoe needs to take the punishment. A good running shoe needs to last as well. Durability is important for footwear which may see more footfalls in a day than another type of shoe. 

What follows are the best running shoes for women released for 2020. These feature some great updates on classic running shoes and some new entrants. If you’re a runner, or just like having a comfortable running shoe for moving around the town, then you’re going to want to check out these shoes. 

1 - ASICS Women’s Gel Nimbus 22

ASICS is one of the most popular brands of running shoes in the world and recognizes that comfort is paramount. The Gel Nimbus 22 is arguably one of the best shoes they have ever created. Unlike many shoes that seem to focus on the rear or front of the foot, ASICS has comfortable gel available in both. These shoes are especially comfortable on the toe when pushing off with each stride as you try to get momentum. 

Pros: Incredibly comfortable for most foot types. Excellent shoe for neutral footed runners! Comfortable for every part of the food. Excellent ankle stability.  

Cons: The price point can be a bit higher than other shoes on this list. Color variety is pretty standard. 

2 - Saucony Women’s Ride ISO 2

Let’s start with the cushioning of the run. Overall, there’s solid padding for the foot and it avoids shifting during impact. The Ride ISO 2 is also surprisingly light, making it easier to lift the foot each time. The most impressive aspect of this running shoe has to be the comfort and fit. The Saucony isofit system makes even a standard running shoe lacing feel like it’s been customized just for each foot! This lets the shoe feel like an extension of the foot, rather than something laced onto the end of it. 

Pros: “Bespoke” running shoe feel. Incredibly lightweight. Excellent traction. Flexibility is above average. 

Cons: Solid, but unspectacular impact cushioning. 

3 - Salomon Women’s Speedcross 4

This pair of running shoes can work on the streets, but is uniquely designed for the outdoor trails that criss-cross the nation. The Speedcross 4 comes in standard and GTX models, with the GTX feature an excellent Gore-Tex waterproofing that works incredibly well. In fact, they are perfect for some of the wonderful muddy obstacle courses that have popped up. The quicklace system actually works rather well and ensures feet are held tightly without overt pressure. The grip provided by the outsole is worthy of a mountain goat perched on a ledge! 

Pros: Incredible for trail running. Waterproof option for running in the rain or dealing with puddles. Incredible traction and very strong foothold with each foot strike. 

Cons: Heavier than street running shoes. Black shoe design is a bit uninspired. 

4 - ASICS Frequent Trail

The second trail running shoe on this list comes from ASICS. While not as wildly designed for the trails as the Salomon Women’s Speedcross 4, the Frequent Trail can still do the work. The concessions for the trail do mean that comfort isn’t as guaranteed as some other ASICS products. The shoes can be a bit stiff, but do provide good heel and toe cushioning. The ventilated design does help feet stay cool. 

Pros: Solid blend of street and trail capability. Good price and value. Traction is excellent for both uphill and downhill movement. 

Cons: Shoe can be stiffer than perhaps ideal. 

5 - Salomon Women’s Sense Ride 2

Another Salomon product makes the list of best women’s running shoes. The Sense Ride 2 isn’t quite as built for the trails as the Speedcross models are. The shoe is lighter and more flexible when you’re putting it on. While using them on trails is certainly possible, it’s best to stick to lighter trails and avoid the heavier hiking. The trade off here is that the Sense Ride 2 is incredibly comfortable when running on the road as well. The result is a shoe that can tackle the road, trail, gym or really any motion. 

Pros: Excellent traction in both dry and wet conditions. Flexible yet supportive. Still feels good being worn after a whole day. Great gym and crossfit shoe. 

Cons: May be a half size too large or too small than what people are expected of. 

6 - Saucony Women’s Ride 10

There’s plenty to like in the Ride series. The fit isn’t for everyone, but is especially good for people who may have longer and narrower feet. The shoes are very soft when worn, but still provide enough support and stability when running. The shoe itself is also really good looking, which can’t be said for all running shoes. Arch support is excellent in the shoe, though the heel is somewhat low and some people may slip out if they aren’t wearing a properly sized pair. The shoes have excellent breathability, allowing feet to stay comfortable during long periods of use. 

Pros: Comfortable for longer walks and runs. Soft feel. Excellent support. Very stable for being a thinner shoe. Attractive appearance. 

Cons: Poor fit for wider feet. Custom orthotics don’t fit that well. 

7 - ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 21

While most of the shoes on this list are designed for Neutral runners, this shoe is designed instead for people with high arches and underpronation. The shoe truly distinguishes itself when used for long runs. Heel strikes are subtly led to a comfortable toe push off. A nice bonus for the shoe is the wide variety of wonderful color options available. The Sun Coral offering is especially striking, though perhaps “a bit much” to some people. 

Pros: Great for distance running. Looks really good! Great design helps promote proper running. Great for high arches. 

Cons: Some fit issues report. Only designed for underpronation runners.