Should You Be Drinking Filtered Water?

Eight glasses of water every day. Okay, yes this is a myth, but water is crucially important to our health. Proper hydration has been proven to be a massive benefit. Whenever people can benefit to their health, massive industry is soon to follow. The filtered and bottled water industry is a billion dollar business and it’s certainly not going to go anywhere. There’s been enough scares with tap water becoming contaminated that a lot of people have chosen to switch to mostly filtered water. Is this a good thing? Let’s find out what you’re really getting when you choose a filter.

Bottled Water

Bottled water makes up the majority of the water economy. People are willing to pay a premium for water that has buzzwords like “pure spring” or “natural glacier”. The thing is, there’s absolutely nothing special about a lot of the waters that are sitting in those bottles.

Up to 40% of the waters in bottles are tap waters without any significant changes to them. That’s kind of crazy. People are paying a huge premium for what they can get already. Public tap water is tested constantly every day for possible contaminants. Bottled water doesn’t fall under those restrictions. In fact you will often get water that has more bacteria in it than tap water.

If you’re a big fan of bottled water, it’s a good idea to do a little research. Find out who is actually providing the kind of water you want. Check independent research studies to see which water companies are properly filtering their water and have the best biological results.

Water Filters

Home water filters are a pretty good way to get the water you’re looking for. They offer an extra layer of safety against the already pretty strong systems of the public water system. Additionally home water filters can remove some of the chemicals needed to ensure water stays clean. This can result in crisper and cleaner taste and a better smell.

Home water filters also give you the kind of water you’re hoping to get from a bottle at an absolute fraction of the cost. If you’re constantly buying bottles of water for transport, getting a home filter and some portable containers are the way to go!

Water Delivery

If you’re hoping to provide clean drinking water to your business (or even at home) you can choose to have a company deliver you water in bulk quantities. When water comes in water cooler sizes, you can save a large amount of money over the alternative bottling methods. This allows for an easy distribution system to those looking to get some water. No company is going to turn down savings when it can also serve the needs of its employees.

Benefits of Filtered Water:

There can be a lot of benefits to drinking filtered water. We’ve already mentioned how much cheaper it can be than bottled water. Filters do work very well to remove chlorine, lead and other byproducts from your water.

Some people say that water tastes better when it’s been filtered. Is this true? Maybe. Water actually has no taste. The things that give water a taste are those very contaminants and minerals that naturally occur within water. Taste is subjective so you may find the filtered water much better, or you may not like it as much.

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