When It's Time to Detox, These Methods Can Work

For those that are trying to live a healthier life, the detoxing process should become a regular process. Detoxing is an important practice for someone that feels sluggish, tired, and unable to focus.

When toxins begin to build up in their body, it can cause complications. There are organs in the human body that are meant to detox the body naturally. These include the liver and pancreas. When too many toxins build up, these organs are put under a lot of stress. This can cause fatigue.

Detoxing is a great way for someone to get their energy back. Along with increased energy, detoxing has some other great benefits for them. They can also lose weight, clear up their skin, and have easier bowel movements. It's also an excellent jumpstart for anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Many people have reported that they are able to control their cravings after detoxifying. There are several different methods of detoxing. Let's dive into some of the most popular methods.

Kombucha Cleanses

If someone feels that their health issue is stemming from their gut, they might consider a kombucha detox. Kombucha is a fermented tea rich in probiotics. These probiotics help with issues like gas, bloating, and constipation by balancing the gut.

These detoxes can be as short as three days and as long as thirty days. You can drink kombucha first thing in the morning. It is recommended to have no more than one bottle of kombucha per day. While kombucha has many benefits, if too much is consumed at one time, side effects can occur. Many people have reported increased energy, weight loss, and better digestion after a kombucha detox.

Juice Cleanses

Juice cleansing is one of the most popular detox methods. The idea is to drink nothing but nutrient-rich fruit and vegetable juices for the extent of the detox. Many people choose to follow the cleanse for one to three days. However, the option is there to follow the cleanse for up to thirty days.

Some may find this cleanse method difficult and they choose to add one healthy plant-based meal to their meal plan. They will consume three or four juices throughout the day, and eat a healthy meal in the afternoon or evening. It is also important to drink eight to ten glasses of water each day to assist with the detoxing process.

This is a great cleanse for several reasons. Many people report better skin, less fatigue, weight loss, and increased energy. Those interested in this cleanse may find it helpful to have others join them in the cleanse, creating a support system.

Detox Tea Cleanses

Most detox tea packages come with daytime tea and a nighttime tea. The nighttime tea works to flush out toxins, while the daytime tea helps with energy. Many people find this detox easier because they are able to eat while on the cleanse.

It's recommended to stick to healthy nutrient-rich meals for better results. This type of detox also helps with better digestion and kickstarting weight loss.

Before You Begin

Those that want to consider starting a detox should consider cutting out sugar, soda, and other unhealthy foods up to a week before beginning the detox. All of these methods work best with regular exercise and increased water intake. When detox time comes, these methods can work for those who need to kickstart a healthier lifestyle.

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