Check Out Some of the Best TVs on the Market Today!

A television has become a crucial aspect of the home. Whether you’re streaming the latest hits, or indulging in some old fashioned cable tv, a good television can turn a fun experience into something incredibly immersive. There are several elements that go to making a good television. The first is size. You want to have a TV that fits your viewing area. Some people immediately think that a bigger TV means a better TV. This has some merit, but the simple fact is that too much TV in too small of a space is not comfortable! The light can overwhelm and cause eye strain very easily. In that vein, try finding a tv that fits the space. There’s nothing wrong with something smaller if you’re sitting closer to it. 

There are several other things to consider. Do you want to get a smart tv that will run apps by directly connecting to your home internet network? What kind of resolution are you looking for. Someone who is still just using their TV for HD cable doesn’t need a full OLED tv. What follows are some of the very best TVs on the market today! 

1 - LG OLED B8P Series

If you’re looking for a very top of the line quality television, then this is the series for you. The picture quality is incredible and puts LCD’s to shame (to a lesser extent, QLEDs also feel some shame). Technically this TV came from 2018, but it’s still making TVs created more recently look older and less impressive. This option isn’t cheap. The smaller 55 inch version starts around $1,800. There’s also a 65 inch version that’s just as impressive, though you’ll pay a bit extra. 

2 - Sony X950G

Sony isn’t always high on this list, however, this TV is all you need if you’re interested in color accuracy. Despite simple 4k resolution, this television is bright and works for any room regardless of light levels. The response time in the X950G is one of the best out there and it’s rare for fast content to blur. It remains very crisp. Pricewise, this one falls in the middle of some of the other options out there. It can start around $1200 depending on the location. 

3 - Samsung Q70/Q70R QLED

If you’re a gamer, then the TV you are going to want to consider is the Samsung Q70. This television specializes in incredibly low levels of input lag. This means that when you’re putting in controls to whatever gaming system you prefer, they come in crisp with instant response. In fact, there’s even a game motion feature which will smooth out frame rates of games that are especially graphically intense and adds almost no input lag! Another great news is that this TV is fairly affordable. The 49 inch version can start as low as $700, with bigger versions obviously going up in price as things go. 

4 - Vizio M8-Series Quantum

If you are looking for a TV that provides a great view for a smaller price, the M8-Series is a fantastic option. It has incredible HDR color. It’s worth noting that the M7 series isn’t nearly as good as the M8, so make sure you’re picking the right one. The other good news about the M8 series is that prices are far more reasonable for the average person. Depending on retailer, this TV starts around $800 and can be had in both 55 inch and 65 inch versions! Regardless of the size chosen, it’s a quality TV experience.