Guitar Tab Resources

Learning the guitar is not an easy task. It requires passion and excellent hand eye coordination. That being said if you can do it, you look pretty damn cool. There’s almost nothing more exciting than being in a band and playing live for a show with the crowd cheering you on. There’s a common refrain that musicians want to be athletes and athletes want to be musicians. Both enjoy the thrill of excitement of performing.


There are a large amount of websites available that are full of Guitar Tabs. This means you can access all the tabs you need. Sometimes it can feel like it’s completely cluttered with tabs and difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for despite the search functions available on the websites. Here are some of the best guitar tab websites:

  •  - This site has many guitar tabs but also has lessons and other utilities to help you.
  • - This website offers you tabs for incredible solos.
  • Tabs 4 Acoustic - This website specializes in acoustic guitars and acoustic music. This also includes acoustic covers of rock music.
  • - Get your cowboy boots on and jam out to some country music you’ve learned.
  • - Take your cowboy boots off, and break out the chains and leather.

Mobile Apps:

It’s difficult to always be at your computer looking up guitar tabs. Musicians travel to jam and for gigs. You need to be able to look for tabs and keep improving even when you’re on the road and travelling. Mobile apps have become a huge part of being able to get better as guitar players. It also provides you with the music you really want to play. Here are some of the better apps available for people interested in bringing their guitar tab resources online.

  • Achording - Achording works as a website aggregator. It will access the tabs available on many popular websites and put them into a singular one. This gives you access to more tabs than most singular sources. It also will automatically scroll for you as an app. That way you don’t need to take your hands off of your guitar.
  • Ultimate Guitar Tabs - This app offers an immense amount of guitar tabs. It specializes in having at least a million tabs available for offer. Additionally this app has a playback option so that you can hear the tab as well to see how you are doing in learning. 
  • Chord! - Like the others, Chord! has a large amount of guitar tabs for you to peruse. The strength of Chord! is the ability to write your own songs as well. You can just drop chords into the song and then save your own tab. Sadly this app only works for Apple devices.
  • Songsterr Guitar Tabs - Songsterr specializes in providing tabs for the same song for multiple instruments as well as the guitar. There is a huge selection of bass tabs available. It’s a one stop access for whole bands to get the tabs they need to get better and play new music.
  • OnSong - The strength of OnSong is that it is useful to players immediately onstage. It can be setup with set lists and instantly shared among band members to each other.