Selecting the Best Firewall Service

The Firewall is a great way to keep hackers and scammers out of your computer and out of your lives. People have recognized the power of firewalls since earlier versions of windows when they became one of the best ways to preventatively stop hackers and viruses. A firewall can’t do a lot if your computer or network is infected with spyware or viruses. In that case it will work more as a prison, keeping the virus inmates in and not letting them flood out across the internet community.

Firewalls limit data in interesting ways. A firewall doesn’t only need to be a software program! Firewalls can also be built into hardware or firmware. If you are running on a work network, it’s likely that your servers have firewalls. Your modems or routers will have firewalls. Your operating systems will probably have firewalls too! The idea is that each of these firewalls is limiting the data that passes through to data they know is safe!

However despite the way firewalls are slowly being built into everything, you can’t just rely on them. Many of these firewalls are slow to update or only will target specific threats. Those built in to hardware or firmware won’t have the same consistent updating that a strong software based subscription software will give you. So with that in mind, here are some of the best free and pay options for software firewalls to keep you happy and protected.

Top Free Software:

  • PeerBlock - PeerBlock is a firewall program that has one specific and strong use. It will block IP addresses that aren’t trustworthy. You can define specific ip addresses or websites that you want to block. It’s especially common for people who do a lot of file sharing online and want to ensure that they are only sharing with sources they consider reputable.
  • Anti NetCut3 - This software is perfect for people who like to use coffeeshop wifi. This firewall helps prevent people from gaining access to your internet connection in those kind of hotspots and doesn’t let them spoof your connections.
  • Comodo Free Firewall - This is a good all purpose free firewall that can give you access to a lot of customization for your firewall needs. You can choose rules that will let the firewall stop exactly what you want stopped.  However as a free program, it also tries to install some garbage programs on your computer when you install it. “Sponsored Browsers” aren’t really something you probably don’t want so you can opt out during the install.

Top Subscription and Pay Software:

These software programs offer you firewall protection (as well as other internet options)

  • Norton Internet Security - Norton has been the king of antivirus and internet security software for a long time. So why wouldn’t it offer you an excellent firewall option? Norton is a subscription service but it allows you to install on multiple computers for a year before you would need to purchase, change or renew.
  • Total Defense Internet Security Suite - Another full service security option. Firewall services are strong as well as their antivirus and antispyware power as well.
  • Bitdefender Internet Security - Bitdefender is an excellent firewall software program that will keep you safe and has tech support available to you around the clock.