Streaming Movies Online

The continued proliferation of the internet has allowed traditional sources of movies to become obsolete. Theaters across the nation continue to close and purchasing physical copies of movies continues to diminish. When was the last time you enjoyed a trip to blockbuster video? Streaming is the new and best option. However there are a large amount of services out there offering the same thing. With the potential to miss out on content due to exclusivity clauses it’s important to figure out which streaming services you wish to be part of.


It’s almost hard to remember that Netflix started with mail service dvd’s. Netflix is so ingrained in our social culture now that it’s become the default streaming service for a lot of people. Having started at 8 bucks per month, netflix has managed to maintain essentially the same price structure (It’s 9 bucks now) while evolving. What started as mailing dvd’s back and forth has resulted in creating some of the most powerful original content in movie and film. Netflix offers a huge variety of movies and television. The movies tend to avoid immediate releases. Most are older movies with cheaper content deals available to them. Netflix is best setup for television binges. Between the content sponsored on there and the original television being produced that part can’t be beat. Another benefit to Netflix is that it can run on almost any platform you imagine due to the widespread popularity. You can use it on your mobile devices, computers, smart television or video game consoles. They’ve managed to keep the interface similar on all platforms allowing for a fairly easy transition for Users.

Amazon Prime Instant Video:

Amazon Prime Instant Video is Amazon’s streaming service. Rather than a monthly fee, the Amazon Prime service requires a yearly subscription to Amazon Prime. This also contains the additional benefit of having Amazon Prime shipping for any item in which you purchase off of Amazon. It can severely save you on time and shipping cost if you use Amazon to make a lot of purchases. The other difference for Amazon Prime Instant Video is that it also allows the rental of content. This means that new releases that other streaming services don’t have can be available on Amazon Prime Instant Video even if you have to pay more. This is an expensive option and works best if you are combining it with other Amazon Items. The synergy with purchasing Amazon items, the Amazon kindle and the Amazon Fire media player is the ideal scenario for Amazon Prime.


The Cult of Apple reigns supreme! Or at least it does for those who love Apple. iTunes does not work off of a subscription. Everything must be purchased from iTunes individually which can be very expensive for those who love streaming movies. Both rental and purchase options are available like Amazon Prime Instant Video. iTunes does not work on as many devices as other streaming services. iTunes only works on desktop computers or on Apple products. Admittedly this isn’t as big of an issue as it would be for other services. People who use Apple products tend to only use Apple products.