What To Do When You've Forgotten your Password

If you are overwhelmed by the amount of passwords you need to remember and keep track of, you are not alone. With the amount of email accounts, social media logins, financial passwords, document passwords and work passwords it can be near impossible to remember them all. That is why it is so important to ensure that you are outfitted with the right password recovery solutions. To find out more about password recovery options that can prevent you from getting locked out of your accounts, keep reading.

Password Management Tools

If you are looking to have easy access to all of your accounts without having to remember all of your passwords, a password management tool is the answer. A password management tool stores and organizes all of your passwords using encryption. You will be responsible for creating a strong password that will not be hacked. This will be used as the master password that will allow you to access all of your other stored passwords. To create a strong password you will want to use a variety of letters, numbers and symbols. You will also want to steer clear of anything obvious like pet names, addresses or personal information. Once you have created your master password it is very important that you protect it. Make sure that you do not tell others your password or leave it in a location where others can get it.

Password management tools may be web-based or installed onto your computer’s hard drive. It is completely up to you what type of password recovery tool you decide to use. If you are keeping track of your passwords for personal accounts (online banking, personal email, social media accounts) that only you need access to installing a password management tool on your computer should be fine. Keep in mind that using a web-based option is a great idea for companies in which multiple users need to access the same files using passwords. Web-based password recovery and management tools are a good choice if you need to access your work from many different locations or on a variety of devices. Many password management tools will offer additional useful features. Some of the most common features offered include automatic password generation and form filling.

Web-based password managers store all of your passwords in the cloud. Most web-based password managers will employ some sort of encryption to keep all of your passwords secure. They are very easy to install and use. This type of password manager can be used on all of your devices. Some of the most common password managers include RoboForm, SaferPass, Keeper and LastPass.

Some of the main features that you will find include:

  • Credential management
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Password synchronization
  • User management
  • Single sign on
  • Password reset
  • Password generator

Many of these password management tools also offer great customer service that can assist you if you run into any issues. This can be a huge relief if you are having trouble accessing your accounts or remembering your passwords.

To prevent yourself from getting locked out of your accounts, make sure to install a password manager to keep track of all of your passwords.